Thursday, May 4, 2017

When Lizzie Smiles

The refrigerator is on the back porch...have I mentioned that?  On the other hand, it is functioning, keeping the milk cold and the cheese safe for consumption with crackers for a Sunday supper.

Ten years ago, that was not the case.  Ten years ago, we were running by Casey's at six in the morning to buy a quart of milk for breakfast. Ten years ago our hand-me-down fridge gave up its chilly ghost during the first week of May and we didn't have time to replace it.

Until May 3, when Blake bought a fridge at Lowe's in St. Joe on his way home from a plant trip and Matt came over to haul it out of the truck and into our kitchen.  Ann was there too....and Lizzie!  Lizzie wasn't around to see the fridge, but we knew she was coming the very next morning, her birthday, which is why I always remember how old our fridge is.

Lizzie!  The first child we knew by name prior to her birth. First grandchild Aaron was introduced after he arrived; Gabe and Abbie were names chosen, but not bestowed until their mom and dad met them.  But we all knew Lizzie would be Elizabeth Carol before ever we saw her, so we spoke of her in conversation like she was just out of sight, like we knew her, like she was a person we had yet to meet at the airport, the train station, the bus stop....

And there she was!  Sleepy and soft wearing a pink headband.  I remember texting Kenzie that she was a beautiful baby girl.

Baby Lizzie had big blue eyes and an infectious toothless grin....

.And she has kept that inviting and captivating smile through these ten years, toothless or tooth-ful, braced or un-braced.


Love you, Lizzie!  Wishing you so many more smiles and excitement and happiness for this birthday and more to come!

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