Thursday, April 20, 2017

A Toast!

We like to toast...or "Clink and Drink", as Levi calls it whenever his mommy fills him a glass with juice.  We are people who will toast a success, a season, a wedding, a baby, the end of harvest, the completion of a project, togetherness, even survival...
....and tomorrow, we will be celebrating a birthday...a big one, the kind with a zero.  And because our kitchen has no appliances and it's the middle of plant season, this post falls into the category of  "in lieu of".  

What I mean is: 'in lieu of ' a cake aflame with candles, a great big celebration, a super special present.....'in lieu of'...a steak dinner, a night out, a singing card'....or any of those other surprises or commemorations or decorations or ways of measuring six decades.... here's what you get.....

Here's  a slide show of lots of what you love, Blake.  Here are your grandkids, and your farm, and your kids.  Here are you and me enjoying our work and our travel and our business and our family and baseball.  Here's what you do: thinking and reading and writing and talking about life on the two lanes and the gravel roads, life in rural America in small towns and farm fields, changed from the generations that preceded us on this land, but still rooted in community and stewardship of what matters most.

Happiest of birthdays to you, even though it's just another working April 21st; enjoy good work, beautiful flowers, loving family, and some hot jazz.

A toast!  

And a few remembrances from our recent...and not so recent past.... 

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