Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Lucky Thirteen

How can it be that the blond tyke creeping step by step up my back stairs now skis down mountains and teeters across obstacle courses high above the ground.

That the babe in his grandma's arms, too little to know he's perched upon a shiny new toy John Deere Gator, is now the take charge guy for family mowing, the original assistant Pig Keeper, and general factotum in the greenhouse and dirt shed....
That the little boy who once wore red....and then black....has grown up enough to wear red....and now black!

That the number of birthday parties and birthday cakes...and candles on those cakes...is now adding up to thirteen.

That this young man with the great big smile has somehow managed to grow up....right under our noses!... and become a teenager...

How can it be?

Happy birthday, Aaron....We love you !

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