Wednesday, February 11, 2015



It may not be general knowledge but after more than a decade of empty nests, fowls are playing once again north of town on Route O.

Like many another cagey operation, this one began behind closed doors....closed garage doors, that is. In past years, the nucleus was an ordinary playpen, but this time around the feathers were flying behind an
impr-egg-nable fence of discarded pallets. No de-fence-less nesting place here!

Ask not which came first: the Chicken or the Egg.
In due course, the egg-sistence of so much bounty could not fail to be egg-sposed. You know the old joke about zucchini? If you don't lock your car someone will break in and leave a squash? Like some off season Easter Bunny, an unlocked house or open door will result in a dozen beautiful clean brown eggs on the counter. Go to Sunday school or church and an egg-stra blessing will appear on your front seat. Stop for a cup of coffee....and leave with brunch for the next day! In its most natural aggr-egg-ation, of course.

But don't get egg-cited! Our fertile minds had no trouble whipping up ways to put this egg-stra egg-stravagance to good use! Just a few egg-samples:

Two dozen loaves of apple bread in December (2 per).
Four cream cheese coffeecakes (5 per).
Six Chinese coffeecakes (3 per).
8 FB coffeecakes (2 per)
Two cream cheese pound cakes (1 dozen each!)..yeah, I know...don't be judgmental... Poppy seed cakes (3 each). Butter cakes (4 per). Gooey butter cake (hmmm, don't know) . Dozens of cookies.
Egg casseroles (half dozen), quiches (5 per) for dinners and suppers. And an in-egg-spressible tally of omelets, homemade McMuffins, huevos rancheros, fried eggs or scrambled eggs for meals in a hurry.

Eggs...we're the people who cook 'em...and eat 'em.. We can only egg-spress our hopes that the Queen of the Hen House will soon be in fine feather and ruling her Roost!
After all, there's no better way to consume all those eggs than....
in one of Millie's homemade Angel Food Cakes!

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  1. Both you and some chickens have been VERY busy! Made me giggle! Thanks for sharing at Country Fair Blog Party! You have me curious what you might share with us next month! I hope you'll come again!
    Jan @ Tip Garden