Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Whither Thou Goest, I Will Go.....on a Sentimental Journey

This is a love story, a classic tale of boy meets girl.

In this case, a boy who listened to eight track tapes of Charlie Rich and Charley Pride.....

And a girl raised with the classics with a stack of LPs of folksy pop songwriters the likes of Paul Simon and Billy Joel ......before they lost their hair.

He was pretty darn smart...

aleck and well read and not at all boring....

She learned the lyrics to 'Blue Eyes Cryin' in the Rain' and 'Shotgun Willie', 'Good Hearted Woman', and 'Wurlitzer Prize'. 

Whoopin' and hollerin' and raising you know what in the balcony of Stephens College, peering through the smoke at a Jerry Jeff concert in the '70s, singing Cadillac Cowboy or Railroad Lady could give new meaning to the title ''Ridin'High". Jerry Jeff was hardly mainstream, even by Outlaw standards....
But when it was time to dance close, time for swing a little to a melody, there was only one tune back in '77 for this guy and gal.  All through a long summer apart she heard it nightly on the radio while she wrote letter after letter back to Missouri.  Waylon looked rough, but his voice was mellow and warm as a summer night.
Take a listen and walk back in time....

With that as a theme song, why wouldn't Luckenbach get a big blue star on the Texas road map, population 3 or not?

Lone Star beer.. Bob Wills music. And, yeah, we got the kids t-shirts and tacky refrigerator magnets.  
Two coffees and a Pearl beer....still early in Luckenbach...

Lookin'good in that hat...

'Whither thou goest, I will go....'
 And to elaborate on the kind of partnership, if not complete harmony, two music lovers can aspire to....
your music will be my music....whether all that jazz is Asleep at the Wheel's Western Swing... 

San Antonio Rose
Or a night on the town at Bohanan's, where steaks and white linens are followed by mellow cornet and sidemen of Jim Cullum's Jazz Band...

A little Jazz Me Blues...and Irish coffee

 Bandana hangin' on the mirror
Still wet from ear to ear
Well I guess it's true then
What the wise men say
When you ride your last one
Make sure he's a fast one
Jump while he's movin'
Keep your hat boys and walk away

 (Cadillac Cowboy....Jerry Jeff Walker)


Turn up that radio
Don't think about a rodeo
Don't think about a roundup
Out in old Cheyenne
It's a crazy circuit
But still you work it
Turn down that sound boys
Let's get up and check the scan

Thanks, Texas, for this musical memory...


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