Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Most Wonderful Time...

It's that most wonderful time of the year: the day that Snow Village, like Brigadoon, springs full blown from a cloud of fractured styrofoam, to glow magically atop the mounts of the pie safe in the front room and the sideboard and china cabinet in the dining room.
No place on earth will the bride and groom stand for hours outside in the church looking deep into each other's eyes while their get away car putters unheeded in the knee deep snow and the other guests have apparently dispersed to the reception or other celebrations.
No where but Snow Village is the local greenhouse cheek by jowl with the Van Trapp family estate..
Or the businesses so concerned with catering to such culinary comfort food as Krispy Kremes, Hershey's and Starbuck's.
Just one little boy even seems to notice that the town Christmas tree is a shocking pink!...
Come, come visit because your toes will be toasty, the shops are open, and the town bustles with good cheer. The countryside is blanketed under untracked white but there are marshmallows roasting, skaters, a sleigh full of merrymakers and even a lone photo bug.

You'd think he'd be spying on old Santa Claus, but his attention is elsewhere. Santa is around every corner in Snow Village; every day of the Christmas season its cheery light spreads through this old house....

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