Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's a Mom's Life....

So....blame in on the weather....that's my mantra for this spring 2013 thus far.  I'll take responsibility when its mine, but I also believe in God and acts thereof.

This particular act of God made this particular Mother's Day and the week previous the unofficial first gardening week of this year.  Long hours for macro gardeners (farmers and their vocation) and micro gardeners (those whose love of land is an avocation).  All my energy was directed to our vocation, leaving little time to express any creativity toward another vital vocation, that of motherhood.

But now it is the week after Mother's day and lovers of family and flowers have had their May day. Words may fail when moms are concerned; danger, danger lurks in the sand traps of sentimentality and the hazards of self congratulation.  Taking a slice of real life in the form of photos tells the tale of the vocation and avocation of motherhood.....

Give hugs....
Tell stories
Draw pictures
Give more hugs
Take pictures

Dress up
Take trips
Play toys
Go shopping
Play patty cake
Give more hugs....
Play in the water

Play 'So Big!'
Go swimming
Play catch

Make a gingerbread house..
Go to a show

Give more hugs

Give a bath
Take a ride
Share a snack
Take a stroll
Wipe noses
Give more hugs
Potty train
Give mooches

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