Sunday, April 14, 2013

Just Another Morning Here

We have new t shirts this year...nothing says 'spring' like a bright new shirt without any holes or puncture wounds from wire mesh, nail heads, or splinters.   The new shirts range in size from 12 months to x-large.  Its lemonade stand season again at Hurst Greenery.  Visitors had a choice of cookies and even coffee on this cool day.  Signage was obvious: arrows pointing from the entrance.... to Matt's pickup..... to the handwritten messaging on the front of the office.  Between the lemonade publicity and the bright green shirts,  one would have to willfully ignore SPRING.

 You can't rush spring
No matter how you try
A bud knows when to bloom
A bird knows when to fly
Although your eager heart
May long to see
The blossoms on a cherry tree
The winter needs her time
To say goodbye
Ann Hampton Callaway
Spring 1992
Spring 1987
Every year  is not quite the year before, but closely resembles some year we remember.
More spring 1992

Thus, some years spring is a tease.

The t shirts tell the story:

"We left home when were barely past eleven-teen 
We've been back and forth and all around through hell and rain
I've loved you half of your life and I'll keep on loving you"
Merle Haggard

Some recollections of springs past:

That's the past,'s the present.

It's just another morning here (it's morning)
It's just another morning here
It's just another morning here (it's morning)
And it's a miracle and it comes around
Everyday of the year..
Nanci Griffith

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