Saturday, November 24, 2012

Girl Talk

'Where are the girls?'

Drawing on the stairs

Raw materials

While family get togethers are never quiet at 502 Spruce, this particular part of the family orchestration is missing just now.  After lunch, after the first load of dishes is sloshing in the washer, after the leftovers subject to spoilage are stowed in the fridge or the subfreezing back porch, after guys, large or small, have settled in for a nap, styrofoam trees, pompoms, ribbons, candies and hot glue guns transform the kitchen counter into Christmas craft central.
Careful consideration

An hour later, there are pompoms, gum drops, and peppermint wrappers on the floor, hot glue strings on the counter, the aroma of burnt marshmallows and melted M&Ms on the hot glue guns.  Aaron is a brave soul and glues his gumdrops like a restorer of an ancient Etruscan mosaic.  

Artistic license
Lizzie and Abbie are all about advise and consent.  The adults are mere collaborators, yielding to the color and content choices of the young enthusiasts.  They are in charge artistically and we are applauding from the sidelines.

What the guys think of crafting 
After mutual pats on the backs and commemorative photos, everybody heads home with leftovers for the morrow.  The house settles enough that I hear the gas log hiss and the underlying murmurs of the late football game. 

On the second floor I read the story of where the girls have been.  In the office a two handed basket  with a baby doll, eyes closed, within and another snoozing alongside, under the big desk.  Plenty of room to picture the two little girls, criss cross Applesauce, making believe.  When I carry my clean laundry into our bedroom, there's an unfolded Missouri road map, a little red suitcase with Going to Grandma's on the side.  It is probably 25 years old.  There is also a vintage shiny black Barbie case.  The Barbies' hairdos are a dead giveaway that the case just about meets the definition of a genuine antique.  Next to one case is a little notepad, a signature clue that like Kilroy, Lizzie has been here.  What destination did they see when they dropped their suitcases on the rug near the sunporch?  

Was it as exotic and festive as the little bedroom at the end of the hall?  Looks like the morning after of a fabulous party with doll clothes strung from end to end, twin Cardinal baseball helmets uptilted on the floor, and red crepe paper unearthed from who knows where wrapped around the four poster bed.  I know Josh took a nap in there this afternoon, but I don't think he is quite up to tying knots yet. Nope, the third leg of the journey...or was it a bon voyage party....definitely took place at the end of the hall.

I'm only guessing, of course.  What does a petrified grandma know?  

She can hope the big white house is a castle full of wonder and as many fairy tales as two little mommies, or globetrotters,or princesses can imagine.
Aaron's finished product
Princess PJ


P.S.....Gabe is not anti Christmas craft...he was at a bowling party!

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