Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Most Happy Fella

His daddy says there are over three hundred pictures already.  He is ten days old.  Do the math.

He had his first bath today, slung in a hammock over the kitchen sink with a parent at each end. 
He slept in his new bed last night for the first time, somehow, mysteriously, moving closer and closer to his mama's side as morning drew nigh.  If you are Levi, there are so many firsts to look forward to.

I still clearly remember the first day home with a new baby.  All the freebie giveaways from the hospital in quantities too small to be really useful.  The deflating balloons.  The flowers that are worse for the trip propped against a bag of dirty pregnant clothes.  The general level of untidiness exuded by a house emptied in haste.

But last evening  was a flashback to the other marvelous aspect of that first day home with a new baby: the ineffable sense of completeness that envelops everyone in the house, whether mommy, daddy, or siblings. One explanation could be simple exhaustion, true enough.  But I always thought our house felt fuller, as if happiness had mass and took up space, meeting the classical definition of matter.  More than dirty diapers and pack 'n plays, more than the myriad other physical manifestations, so out of proportion with the size of their proprietor, this almost visible satisfaction is one demonstration on earth of heavenly peace.  In one hour, or two, the old Adam will rear his head with squalling and other less appealing evidence of fallen humanity.  But for now, God is in His heaven and all is right with the world....

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