Monday, July 2, 2012

For the Good Times

Can a blog get cobwebs?   Or flat line?  If so, this poor web needs airing out and dusting: tear off the calendar pages, put away the jeans and put on the flip flops.  Its summer, which is not , apologies to Forrest Gump, like a box of chocolates, but could be likened to an Ted Drewes concrete or Dairy Queen Blizzard.......chilling but smooth, mostly refreshing, but not without tough and chewy intervals that can break your teeth.

We are gnawing our way through one of these episodes now:  the corn is pollinating exactly when the daytime temperatures hover just below 100 and the nights hold the day's heat like a goose down quilt.  The soybeans are a crazy quilt of heights and a potpourri of weeds.  We are drenching the fall flower pots with the weapons against various rots at our disposal.  Can't change the fact that the black weed barrier could reasonably be compared to the daytime temperature on the sunny side of the moon...or perhaps the artificial turf during a July businessman's special at Busch Stadium II.

Speaking of baseball, the Cardinals need some relief pitchers  too.

At mid-week, I was prepared to take a sabbatical from NOAA, Fox News, and my yard. But after looking through the snapshots from this toasty June, I have since revised my resignation and resolved to use tunnel vision, blinkers, or at the very least, a duck billed hat, to make the best of what this summer throws at us after the All Star break.  Enjoy this sampling, break out the fireworks, fire up the grill....and run those sprinklers!

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