Friday, April 20, 2012

Double Nickels

I have already turned 55.  Might as well own up to it.  If I don't tell you, then Blake certainly will.  It is one of the perennial jokes of our marriage that I am a good half year older than he is.  Haha.

But for the next six months, we will share that age.  From here on out, both of us will get the senior citizen discount at Pamida (perhaps Shopko will be less generous and we will regain our youth for a few more years?).  
We will march together farther along the path between getting carded for our youth and getting carded for our....well, not for our youth.

Because my husband is the love of my life and his happiness and well being is my utmost concern, I want to reassure him that its NOT TOO LATE...that double nickels is not a speed limit (except for those few miles around the Cameron McDonald's...but I digress), nor a speed bump.  There is still plenty of time for all those dreams and goals to reach fruition as he reaches his maturity.

For instance......there is still time to grow his hair like Elvis.....or a beard like Jason Motte.

There will be plenty of hours to read Shelby Foote, John Dos Passos, and those monster biographies by Ron Chernow.  

You can still learn to upload and download pictures.....and maybe construct a powerpoint.  I wouldn't make it a real high priority though.

I certainly hope you will write your very own book.  I can't wait to fix a few apostrophes.  

Finally,  there is still a chance we'll get better at golf.  I know its a slim one, but, in the immortal words of Lyle Lovett: 
 I understand too little, too late.
I realize there are things you say and do
You can never take back.
But what would you be
if you didn't even try?

And in that spirit of experimentation, of Churchillian never give upmanship, of hope over experience, I promise to join you on the golf course when you try out your brand new Cobra Amp Offset Senior Driver.

Happy Birthday, dear!!

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