Friday, February 18, 2011

The Girl who Loves Duckies.....

Years and years ago, now, a lovely young girl flirted with a unusually tongue tied young boy at a Christmas party. There was a mom nearby, quietly amused by the first signs of anything but far away puppy adoration.

Time passed, friendship and romance grew and the lovely young lady became more than just a visitor to our big house. There was agony over Valentine gifts, and piles of Hershey kisses. There was a giant map of the world hand painted and carried up three flights of stairs. There were innumerable plates of treats left for everyone in the family.

There were growing pains, separations, the ups and downs that every growing relationship experiences. There were trips together and months apart. I'm sure there were lots of plans and dreams. Finally, there was an engagement and the lovely young woman donned her gorgeous white dress and the young man wore his fancy tails and two toned shoes. People danced, people sang and we were all happy as clams to welcome wonderful Kenzie as a sister, auntie and daughter.

I am tremendously spoiled to have so many of my children and grandchildren right here where seeing them is a normal occurrence. To say that is to admit I miss the far away children and use my chances to visit them as an opportunity to memorize their routines and surroundings so I can picture them at home and play while we're apart. I love getting notes in the mail addressed in little tiny pencil scratches; I always smile when I get a text at odd, usually very early, hours because I know these communications are from Kenzie.

When holidays come around, packages arrive for the little people full of imaginative and invariably fun gifts and gimmicks gleaned from goodness knows where. Kenzie gives often and half the fun is figuring out where on earth she gathered her presents. When we travel to Virginia, there are brochures and plans for restaurants, wineries, and, wonders of wonders, the Noon Whistle! I am appreciative of the consideration, but am happy as can be just drinking coffee and feeling comfortable in their home.

Kenzie is a most fun auntie to all the kids; it took a while for Aaron to forgive her for marrying Ben. She is upbeat and sympathetic when necessary; she is hard working and flexible. We love her because she loves Ben, because she loves life, and because she loves and puts up with us.

Hope you'll forgive me for writing about you, Kenz! After all, you helped me set up this blog in the first place! Miss you, other daughter, and wish you the happiest of birthdays and pray all the wishes on your giant cake come true. .....

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  1. Although Ben swears it didn't happen, I'll never forget when he told me not to wave at Kenzie at Caseys because "she liked him." Ha, Ha, Ha!!!!!