Monday, December 21, 2009

Christmas prayers

Last load in the dishwasher; gee, its making a funny noise that I cannot identify. No good tidings for the loads to follow this peak season for dishwashers. A load waiting the washer; its leaking more but that's what drains are for. The dryer, however, sounds about normal. I had Holiday Pops on XM for Lizzie while she was napping, but I've changed over to plain Classics for nighttime sense tempting fate where my husband is concerned. If the travelers are late enough I might catch a little of Mark Steyn on the replay of Hannity here at eleven. They got in late, but are en route though worn out from a long day, long week, long two weeks. (thank you, God, for bringing our family travelers home; keep me mindful of all those without that comfort and joy this season of rejoicing. Help me remember those whose loved ones have left their family circle to join you.)
We had a lovely evening with the women of the extended family...not extended women tonight, but companionable and relaxed despite lots of claims on their time. Multi generational, joining in time honored tradition to cook and share the bounty we have. (thank you again, for all the generous spirits in our family; what wonderful examples for the children we are blessed to have under foot.)
I'm so sorry to miss the company of Aaron and Madison because they are under the weather! Hope they are fully recovered to enjoy the fun of the rest of the Christmas vacation with all of their loving families. ( and, Father and Healer of all, keep us mindful of all those who are not so easily healed, whose bodies fail them, whose families care and struggle. We can't be healers like your Son, but we can pray.)
Finally, Father, thank you for the gift of being a settled special burdens and pains on us after the Fall, but you temper these with special favor as well. For thirty years now, I have felt the bond over the years with Mary and treasure at each reading the verse for all moms "..And Mary pondered these things in her heart."

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